My name is Chiara.

I am an archaeobotanist.

Since I was a child I have always been attracted by the interaction between humans and natural environment and especially by the changes that influenced their evolution. I spent my childhood in a small town of Calabria, where there is a cave in which archaeologist found several prehistoric remains, I used to spend many afternoons watching the landscape near the cave, trying to think how prehistoric people was living there and about the resources that they could have. For this reason I early decided to study archaeology and to join the study of humanities with a purely scientific subject like botany. My studies dealt with landscape in pre-protohistoric and pre-classical archaeological sites in Mediterranean area.

I participated in several archaeological surveys both in Italy and abroad (Crete) and now I am working in a Laboratory of Archaeobotany at the University of Naples. One purpose of mine, is to spread knowledge about this field: anthropic environment.

Currently, I am also member of a “Living-History” group of Lombard period, especially I am focused in Lombard cuisine, so I can explain to people what kind of meal and food was possible to find in those period.

Since 2011, I became a tourist guide of Campania region and I try with passion to disclose all aspects of environment, historical and archaeological features of my region.

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