One of the most convenient ways to explore the fascinating world of Campanian culture and history is during on-shore excursion time. In fact, you don’t need to stay long at one place to fully discover all its hidden treasures – we’ll stay by your side and help to take most of your short visit between sea rides. If you come to Naples and get to the shore, we can take you from the port to take part in one of our tours around Naples, Pompei, Herculaneum. After the tour we’ll transfer you back to where our tour began. Other possible locations to be arranged as the starting point are Civitavecchia (if you’re planning to see the Eternal city), Sorrento, Salerno, as well as others.

From the Port of Sorrento you can reach:

  • CAPRI (about 30minutes by hydrofoil)
  • THE AMALFI COAST (about 30km/19miles)
  • POMPEII (about 27km/17miles)
  • HERCULANEUM (about 40km/24miles)
  • STABIA (about 17km/10miles)
  • OPLONTIS (about 30km/18miles)
  • MT. VESUVIUS (about 49km/30miles)
  • NAPLES (about 50km/31miles)
  • CAPUA (about 80km/49 miles)
  • PHLEGRAEAN FIELDS (about 69km/42 miles)
  • CASERTA (about 80km/49 miles)
  • SALERNO (about 57 km/35 miles)

From the Port of Naples you can reach:

  • POMPEII (about 25 km/15 miles)

  • HERCULANEUM (about 11km/7miles)

  • STABIA (about 29km/18miles)

  • OPLONTIS (about 22 km/13miles)

  • MT. VESUVIUS (about 25 km/15miles)

  • CAPRI (50 minutes by hydrofoil)

  • THE AMALFI COAST (about 70km/43miles)

  • CASERTA (about 34km/21miles)

  • CAPUA (about 38km/23miles)

  • PHLEGRAEAN FIELDS (about 20km/12miles)

  • SORRENTO (about 49km/30miles)

  • SALERNO (about 55 km/34 miles)

From the Port of Amalfi you can reach:

  • POSITANO (about 18 km/11 miles)

  • RAVELLO (about 7 km/4 miles)

  • SALERNO (about 25 km/15 miles)

  • SORRENTO (about 25 km/15 miles)

  • PAESTUM (about 70 km/ 43 miles)

  • CAPRI (about 1 hour by hydrofoil)

  • POMPEII (about 46 km/28 miles)

  • HERCULANEUM (about 62 km/38 miles)

  • STABIA (about 32 km/19 miles)

  • OPLONTIS (about 51 km/31 miles)

  • MT. VESUVIUS (about 57 km/35 miles)

  • NAPLES (about 70 km/43 miles)

From the Port of Salerno you can reach:


  • THE AMALFI COAST (about 25km/15miles)

  • PAESTUM (about 47 km/29 miles)

  • POMPEII (about 32km/20miles)

  • HERCULANEUM (about 48km/29 miles)

  • STABIA (about 38 km/25 miles)

  • OPLONTIS (about 36km/22 miles)

  • MT. VESUVIUS (about 43 km/26 miles)

  • CAPRI (about 50 minutes by Hydrofoil)

  • SORRENTO (about 57 km/35 miles)

Marina di Stabia

From the Port of Stabia you can reach:

  •  STABIA (about 4 km/2 miles)
  • THE AMALFI COAST (about 32 km/19 miles)
  • SORRENTO (about 17 km/11 miles)
  • POMPEII (about 7 km/4 miles)
  • HERCULANEUM (about 22 km/13 miles)
  • OPLONTIS (about 10 km/6 miles)
  • MT. VESUVIUS (about 18 km/11 miles)
  • NAPLES (about 26 km/16 miles)
  • SALERNO (about 33 km/20 miles)
Port of Civitavecchia

From the Port of Civitavecchia you can reach:

  • Rome (about 74 km / 46 miles)
  • Villa Adriana ( about 116 km / 72 miles)
  • Villa d’Este ( about 117 km / 73 miles)
  • Bomarzo (about 74 km / 46 miles)
  • Viterbo ( about 52 km / 32 miles)
  • Lago di Bracciano ( about 70 km / 43 miles)
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