My name is Emiliano, I’m the co-founder of “Askos” agency and its current director.

My passion with archaeology started at a tender age of 10. I remember I was playing in our family garden just outside Paestum and accidentally I found a small piece of pottery which must have been a black figure ceramics (I vividly remember there was a black satyre riding a two horse carriage). I was so overwhelmed by this discovery that it immediately became my favourite, most cherished object.

I believe this impression had a profound influence on my future life and work.

From the day when I became a proud owner of a real piece from antiquity my life changed. I lived in two worlds. In the realm of ancient Rome I  was looking for answers to my questions: what was the life of ancient Romans like? How did they build their cities, make art, pray to gods? That and much more became my true dedication.

But I didn’t want to hold to myself the wonderful knowledge I kept discovering during my study, work projects and expeditions. The best part about learning something great and exciting is sharing it with people who haven’t had chance to study history or archaeology.

You might guess that history became my favourite subject in school, while archaeology was my first and only university and career choice.

At first my childish experience took on a form of collecting all kinds of portable remains of ancient craftsmanship: chunks of pottery, tiles, stones. I even started to perform simple research dividing these items based on their size and colour.

Today my scientific activity spans across Western Mediterranean including Sicily, Libya, Sardinia. I’m currently working on PhD dealing with Sicilian Prehistory. I  also continue to give guide tours for my agency, specializing for Campania region.

Actually I’m not a one-sided man of scientific libraries and an easy-going and active person. I’m enthusiastic photographer, diver and soccer player. I love to travel and learn new languages and cultures so it’s one passion that we probably share together so that I understand what your perspective as a tourist must be like.

6 years ago, in 2010, there was a great new start in my life – I got state license to  work as a tour guide in the region of Campania. This was an official recognition of my skills and I was happy to finally reach out for the people sharing with them my greatest devotion. Today I’m happy to be in charge of a successful agency. Occasionally I give tours myself in two foreign languages, English and Spanish, as well as in Italian.

I can’t imagine myself in another job, because organizing guided tours have become the best way of expressing myself and making something important in mine and people’s lives. While being enthusiastic I’m also aware of professional boundaries and commitments which go along with the job of a guide, so you’ll be given tours of the best organizational and informative level.

Get in touch with us and our guides will do their best to give you unique perspective on the archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and others concentrated in so called Vesuvian archaeological zone. We will discover and explore other cultural pearls of the area like Caserta, Sorrento, Naples. Choosing from a variety of customized and specially developed tours you will be able to find the best tour for your needs and interests with top quality organization and solid experience coupled with endless enthusiasm on my part. You will really feel the difference, so let’s start our journey together!

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