Genealogical Tours

We are happy to offer you a unique quest into the history of your family. If any of your relatives were born or previously lived in Italy, then don’t miss your chance to get in touch with your roots. Don’t hesitate to contact our genealogy investigation team if you know that your family’s history and Italy are connected in some way or another. For example, some of your relatives might have an italian-sounding name, or you heard that one of your ancestors was born in an Italian village, or as a child you heard stories told by your grandfather, who was a wartime veteran serving in Italy or you know any other precious detail.

If so, we’ll try our best to help you to restore precious link with your past. We’ll guide you to the house where your ancestor lived, the streets where he might have walked, we’ll eat local food which doesn’t change for centuries, to taste the life as it used to be back in the days of your forefather. This incredible journey will help you to discover something new not just about your family but about you as well. After this trip you’ll be a different person, enriched and changed by this unique experience of travelling into the past of your family.

Christine in search of her origins at Cimitile and Nola



Christine contacted us to find his relatives in Cimitile and Nola.
Her grandparents were immigrants who left Italy to seek his fortune in America.
Christine was aware that his great-grandparents lived in Cimitile, near the town of Nola.
After extensive research we found their graves in the cemetery of Cimitile and some of the relatives, even distant, still lived there.
Crhistine and her husband arrived in Italy and we took them in what was the country from which they had started his grandparents. We were anagrafe to see the documents that there were about his grandparents.

Also we went to find the people who believe they belonged to the same family. They remembered distant relatives of two previous generations who had left for America.

Christine is back in America with the joy of visiting the places from which it originated his family and thanked us for having come full circle.

Frank in search of his origins at S. Angelo a Fasanella


Frank contacted us to go on visit to St. Angelo a Fasanella, the country of origin of his grandfather.

His information included the names of his grandparents, paternal and maternal, who had left Italy at the beginning of ‘900.

His father was born in America, but Frank felt the need to know its origins. We have set up research and managed to find his second cousins ​​still living there.

Frank was on a cruise and when the ship stopped at Salerno, we went to pick him up with the driver who escorted us to the country. There we found a dozen people who were waiting for us, with the curiosity to know the American relative.

We went to visit the house where he was born and has lived his grandfather before leaving for America, where, as confirmed by relatives, was a tailor. They still remembered the trading of fabrics and scissors that were happening with the American relative.

We spent a full day in the country, visiting the cave of St. Michael, the patron of St. Angelo a Fasanella and ate with them the typical dishes of the area.

At the port we had a meeting with the ex mayor of St. Angelo a Fasanella who helped us in searches. He handed to Frank the act birth of his grandfather.

Frank is back in America glad he had the ability to trace a missing piece of his life.

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