Hiking e Trekking

Open our eyes to nature’s beauties!

This kind of tour is the perfect way to immerse yourself in the nature of the amazing Sorrento Peninsula and the Amalfi Coast. We will  lead you through safe paths and we’ll show you the natural wonders that grow around us.

We are experts guides and specialist of geology, botany and history of these charming places.

Our tours cover a large part of Campania’s lands: from Cava de’Tirreni – Amalfi – Positano to Sorrento and Capri. We always  research the most lovely landscapes that our region has to offer.

One of the most famous hiking routes in the world is the so-called Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli dei) which connects Positano and Agerola high in the mountains. We can start it either in Positano or in Agerola, depends on your accomodation.

The best times to hike the Path of the Gods is spring and autumn because there’ll be fewer people on the trail and generally cooler temperatures. If you’re visiting Amalfitan peninsula in the summer, we suggest the early morning to spend most of the time before the heat sets in.

Another great option for an experienced hiking tourist would be the Valle delle Ferriere walk. It’s centered around Amalfi and the most exciting highlight of the walk is the unforgettable view on the medieval harbour city of Amalfi from the breathtaking altitude. This tour can be started from Amalfi. First steep steps cut in the hill slope bring us to Pogerola.

Pogerola is still on a relatively low level of 300 meter. The trail will then take us through several natural ambients such as barren slopes from which you see the seashore and tiny houses clinging to the mountains, cool and shady forests under canopy of leaves, rocky tracts and valleys. Several times we will also pass houses of local farmer with a charming orchard featuring first of all famous lemons.

Several of our tours will take us to the mysterious island of Capri by boat. If you wish to explore its natural beauties on foot, we can offer you a hiking tour uniting the most attractive spots in one route, including the arco naturale (natural arch built by the natural erosion), old forts built by the British navy, splendid viewpoints on deep coves and much more.

The Trail of the Forts (Sentiero dei Fortini) follows the rugged and picturesque coastline of Anacapri (the western part of the Capri island) from the Grotta Azzurra to Punta Carena. The three forts you’ll see on the way are called Orrico, Mesola and Pino blockhouses. They were built by the British in 1806 and then taken by the French after they French revolutionary army captured Naples and Capri. It will take us from 3 to 5 hours to go the entire trail, so please don’t forget a bottle of water, sunscreen and a hat. We’ll arrange for the best time of the day to avoid the most dangerous hot hours.

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