Our Mission

Main goal of “Askos” is to give best tailor-made tours in the region helping tourists to acquire first-hand impressions of the fascinating world of archaeology, art, local traditions and food in a light and entertaining way far from any resemblance to boring university lectures. In other words, Askos srl will take care, that your tour becomes a top quality experience which will always remain one of your best memories.

There’s no limits to learning especially when you are still a student. But no matter how old, every man is a student when it comes to travelling. Tours made by “Askos” have one strongest advantage over all competitors: they can be customized according to the personal interests and wishes with the active participation and cooperation of a tourist him- or herself.

Guides working for “Askos” share commitment to flexibility and person-orientated approach. That’s why they constantly improve routes, planning and logistics, update their knowledge by continuous research and study. As a result, “Askos” guides possess high degree of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. They always create a friendly and positive environment.

We believe that a perfect tour must be a source of inspiration, cultural entertainment and best emotions based on local experience. That’s why “Askos” doesn’t offer dull boring lectures. Instead, guides at Askos will do their best to make a real story out of every route and every walk you’ll take with them. This story will be one of constant discoveries not only from the past, but from the modern local culture as well. You’ll get in touch with local culinary tradition on almost every tour organized by “Askos”: taste the best italian food and drink the best local wine. Some sorts of the wine have been produced here since the time of Greek and Roman settlements.

All tours developed by “Askos” are based on years of extensive experience and planning and are simply the best in terms of logistics, effectiveness and intensity of impressions.

Our hard work and commitment have made it possible for us to widen perspective.

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