Pilgrimages are a unique and long-venerated tradition of exploring a country by getting in touch with its religious roots and sacred places. Needless to say, Rome is one of the most popular destinations for pilgrimes around the world. It boasts a great number of early christian places of worship, catacombs, frescoes, as well as romanesque, gothic and barocque churches of unrivalled splendour. Vatican is built on the tomb of Peter, the first bishop of Rome, and has virtually uniterrupted been the residence of the Holy See for an astonishing span of time. It still remains the greatest religious authority in the whole world. Touristst from the whole world come to witness the wednesday Papal audience in St. Peter’s Square and holy masses held by the Pope.

One of the most important features of Campania is presence of a rich religious tradition which is personified by famous martyrs (i.e., San Gennaro in Naples), Saint Andrews and others, whose miraculous relics are kept in cathedrals and crypts. San Gennaro was bishop of Naples in the third century and was beheaded in the persecution of early Christians by Roman Emperor Diocletian, who ordered to kill about 3,500 Christians. The blood of San Gennaro is said to have been collected by a woman named Eusebia shortly after his death. The blood is kept in special ampules and liquifies, which is one of the most famous miracles of the Catholic Church. The miracle has been regularly recorded since 1389.

We organize tours which encompass the most notable sacred places. For example, we can visit the shrine of the Virgin of the Rosary of Pompei (Sanctuary of Pompei Cathedral) with the venerated painting depicts the Virgin Mary and Child Jesus. Or you might be willing to visit the famous Sanctuary of Montevergine with a unique 13th-century Byzantine icon of a black Madonna. All tours can be rearranged according to interests and requirements of the guests.

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